General Info for Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter

  FIghter is a middle-sized truck pruduced by Mitsubishi Auto Industory from 1984 to 2002, and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus from 2003. In 1984, a middle-sized truck was required to change its name because of the entire amendments for FK series, and Fighter was taken for the name. As 4 tons class truck, it is more likey Large-sized truck rather than middle-sized truck in the its structure perspective. its share is being massively high in the entire time. The 1st one is released in 1984-1992. In 1987, it was functioned turbo-engine with inter air conditioner with 230 hourse-power. In 1988, FM series was minorly changed by adding 4WD FL models. In 1991, it was put another amendment. Cornering lamp was functioned by default, and optioned ABS for FK series. On the advertisement on media, Ken Takakura and Aki Yashiro (both are legendary singers in Japan) contributed a song called “Banka”, and its catch-copy was “Dare yori mo nihon no michi ni, Fuso Fighter”.

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